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St. Ann's Home and School is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, and a leader in special education and residential programming. St. Ann's offers private day programs and child and adolescent residential services designed to nurture, rehabilitate and support those who are emotionally and or behaviorally disturbed.

Important Notice:

St. Ann's Home Temporary School Closing and COVID-19

Methuen Public Schools has made the determination to close temporarily from 03/16/2020 to 03/27/2020 in response to concerns about the current COVID-19 outbreak.  Please read "St. Ann's Temporary School Closing" for information regarding the temporary school closing. 

In the spirit of continued learning, St. Ann's education staff compiled a list of online resources for families and educators while students are not in a formal education setting.    

Updated 3-19-2020:
Letter from St. Ann's Home CEO regarding how the agency is currently handling the Coronaviras (COVID-19) situation.


  • About Our Special Education and Residential Programming

St. Ann's Home & School specializes in providing residential, outpatient, and private day school options for a wide range of learning disabilities and/or behavioral and emotional disorders.  All of our programs are designed to provide a continuum of special needs services to assist children and adolescents who need intensive and comprehensive help for themselves and their families.  Read more about our private day programs and residential services. 


  • Stories from Our Residential and Special Education School

Read about the positive experiences of young people who have benefited from the support and guidance of therapeutic services that St. Ann's Home provides! Parent Testimonials 


  • Integrated Trauma Care

Read “Integrated Trauma Care” which addresses how St. Ann's approaches this method of care.